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MovingStar 101

MovingStar 101

A new experience of mobility: the new and innovative Moving Star 101

You are permanently or temporarily restricted in your mobility but want to be mobile and active nevertheless? The Moving Star 101 is exactly what you need then. The Moving Star 101 is an light foldable power wheelchair in and can be operated and controlled easily with just one finger. The smooth-running joystick can be mounted left or right and perfectly controls direction and speed. When you smoothly push the joystick forward a bit the power wheelchair starts moving slowly. A gentle push to the left or the right and you will slowly turn to either side. You can even turn on the spot and maneuver even on very narrow space. The Moving Star is so compact, you can drive up directly to a table without having to change seats, either at home, when visiting friends or being in a cafe or restaurant – you will not need more space than other people or have to move chairs around. Even people who are very limited in their movement can operate the new power wheelchair safely and without assistance. Thanks to the movable footrest getting in and out is especially easy.




  • Weight: 19,5 kg
  • Dimensions LxWxH: 78,5 x 62 x 91,5 cm
  • Dimensions folded: 28 x 62 x 96 cm
  • Dimensions seat DxWxH: 30 x 44 x 51 cm
  • Height backrest: 42 cm

Speed: 6 km/h

  • Range: 15 km
  • Max. Inclines: 10%
  • Turning radius: On the spot
  • Engine: 2x Brush type DC motor 24 V, 250 W, 10.5 AH
  • Battery: 36V, 10.5 AH, 240 WH, Lithium-ion
  • Charging unit: 2.1 A, 100-240 V

Steering mechanism: Joystick (can be mounted right or left)

Max. user weight: 115 kg

The Moving Star 101 – Mobility when travelling and in Everyday Life

Not only because of its simple steering mechanism the Moving Star 101 is a unique power wheelchair. With only a couple of hand movements it is folded flat to the ground and fits effortlessly into every trunk or closet. And also within seconds it is easily unfolded again and ready to use. The Moving Star 101 weighs only 19.5 kilograms and is a very light foldable power wheelchair, you can easily take it on vacation. Even while travelling it offers comfortable mobility and support, where ever you go. The Moving Star is powered by two enduring electric engines, ensuring a silent and emission-free propulsion. Even inclines of up to 10% are no problem. The up-to-date lithium-ion battery can be charged at every normal plug socket in your house, the charger is included with delivery. The powerful battery enables a range of 15 kilometers. The interchangeable batteries are even approved to be taken into an aircraft (IATA approved), so you can easily fly onto vacation and meet new people and explore new countries. And you can take your powerful electric scooter onto a cruise ship as well.

A special Focus on Safety

The Moving Star 101 has been designed very robustly and is made out of very high quality materials. A mechanical parking brake provides a safe way of getting in and out and prevents the Moving Star from rolling away on a slope. The high quality tires ensure an optimum of traction even on slick surface but also on asphalt. The adjustable anti-tipping wheels provide a comfortable smooth running. There are several other important safety features like reflectors, a safety belt or high-grade lighting both in the front and in the back. The Moving Star 101 does not require a driver’s license and also no helmet. We truly recommend though to wear a bicycle helmet when driving in traffic so that you are always well protected.

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